Here are some examples of the work created for our clients.

It is always ​great having the opportunity to work with clients on projects... on brand, on time and on budget. Here is what we have done for them. 

Please click on the samples below to open each potfolio page. 


BlackRock/iShares Canada
(10 years of creative cooperation)
A guide that organizes complex data into a useful tool and still used today.
Included here is the Core brochure and icon, as well as a sample 1 pager. 
A layout used for the Canadian version of the BlackRock Investor Pulse website.
A Fixed Income direct mail peice and related brochure and 1 pager.
The BlackRock Institutional fund guide binder and related components. 
In 2019 BlackRock started a complete rebrand. A modern look with bold colours and font.
Corporate Promotions
A promotion and contest for Advisors. A creative was to educate them about ETFs.
An other example of a contest and promotion made to educate Advisors about ETFs. 
A promotional branded water bottle and box, as well as related items.


AIM Corp


Brampton Mastermind


A firm that specializes in giving finalchial advice in a customer friendly casual environment. 
Event and promotional items for an entrepreneur group located in Brampton. 
CILF is a corporate immigration law firm with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.


Cinq 01


Dundee Wealth


Dynamic Funds
Design of icons and items for a unique restaurant... Paris meets New York in TO.
You will find event items and a PDF form sample and a template created for 1 pagers.
A kit, brochures and flyers that provide information on potential investment option.


Erie Shores Vinyard




Nicholl Paskell-Mede
Erie Shores in a small vineyard in Ontario's Lake Erie North Shore wine region.
Packaging created for a line of educational and entertainment based CD roms.
London introduction items for a fun-loving corporate insurance law firm.
Seneca College



Shannik Barrett


Shelby Taylor Fitness 
New image for Seneca College and created in conjuction with forsman&bodenfors Toronto. 
A series of marketing programs and branding created for the funeral industry. 
A personal trainer who is creating her own very customer oriented business. 






In 2019, it was important to celebrate 20 years in business with a complete new look. 
Examples of packaging design for food and beverage, tech and corporate promotions.
Here are a few small projects that are interesting enough to be included. 

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