Here are some examples of the work created for our clients.

BlackRock/iShares Canada
(10 years of creative cooperation)

It is always ​great having the opportunity to work with clients on projects... on brand, on time and on budget.

Here is what we have done for them. 

A guide that organizes complex data into a useful tool and still used today.
Included here is the Core brochure and icon, as well as a sample 1 pager. 
A promotional branded water bottle and box, as well as related items.
A layout used for the Canadian version of the BlackRock Investor Pulse website.
A Fixed Income direct mail peice and related brochure and 1 pager.
The BlackRock Institutional fund guide binder and related components. 
AIM Corp
Brampton Mastermind
Cinq 01
A firm that specializes in giving finalchial advice in a customer friendly casual environment. 
Event and promotional items for an entrepreneur group located in Brampton. 
Design of icons and items for a unique restaurant... Paris meets New York in TO.
Dundee Wealth
Dynamic Funds
Nicholl Paskell-Mede
You will find event items and a PDF form sample and a template created for 1 pagers.
A kit, brochures and flyers that provide information on potential investment option.
London introduction items for a fun-loving corporate insurance law firm.
Seneca College
Shannik Barrett
Shelby Taylor Fitness 
A series of marketing programs and branding created for the funeral industry. 
A personal trainer who is creating her own very customer oriented business. 
New image for Seneca College and created in conjuction with forsman&bodenfors Toronto. 
Here are a few small projects that are interesting enough to be included. 

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