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Cinq 01

Cinq01 menu.jpg
Cinq 01 Branding System

A College Street restaurant created by Toufik Sarwa (best known for his once very famous resto-lounge Amber in Yorkville). 

We work closely with Toufik, manager Piotr Nowak (ex of Canoe) and key Cinq 01 and Amber staff to create materials and icons that reflected the mood and visual direction of the restaurant. 

An industrial style and a combination of found and repurposed objects created a mood of relaxed sophistication. A bit of Paris meets New York on College Street. 


Client: Cinq 01

Services: Graphic design, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Menu pages

Cinq01 bar.jpg

Bar menu, coasters and icons

Cinq01 event.jpg

Event postcards

Cinq01 car.jpg

Wall detail and inspiration for above

Cinq01 cert.jpg

Announcement card and gift certificate

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