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Erie Shores Vinyard

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Logo and rebrand

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Erie Shores Vinyard Rebrand

Erie Shores is a family run vineyard on Lake

Erie’s North Shore. They create quality award

winning wines at affordable prices. The owners’ son Andrew has joined the team and ensures a bright future for the business.

As competition grows, it is important for Erie

Shores to upgrade their branding and packaging, accurately representing the wines they create. 

One possible direction is to combine community passion with the business’ identity. By working with local artists, each bottle could be given a unique character while using a text layout template to provide continuity across the entire product range. 

There is also an opportunity to do cross promotions with the artists and introduce Erie Shores wines to the artist’s clients. This would be done through print, web and social media as well as combined events and promotions.


Client: Erie Shores Vinyard

Services: Marketing and graphic design

Wine bottle packaging

Erie Shores3.png

Examples of layouts that will be used for print, website, online store  and social media. 

Product brochure and bottle back

Erie Shores4.png

It is important to make the vinyard shopping experience as positive and easy as possible and provide some information about each product. Allowing boutique staff more time to answer specific questions and provide product samples.

Retail display

Erie Shores5.png

For food products purchased and consumed in the vinyard, the belly band has a map on the top that provides information on where seating and dinning is available throughout the grounds. 

Boxed lunch packaging

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