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Shelby Taylor Fitness

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Shelby Taylor Fitness Logo

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Shelby Taylor Fitness Stationery 

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Shelby Taylor Fitness

Shelby Taylor Fitness is very new and launched in January 2019. The logo and stationery have been finalized and now moving on to other print and online items (including photography and video). 


She is currently working with a small but growing group of dedicated clients. Building a business around their needs and wants. The goal is to provide a fitness option that is a very customer tailored experience regardless of the clients' gender, age or ability. 

Client: Shelby Taylor Fitness

Services: Graphic design, web design, branding, marketing, client/supplier contact

BIG plans for 2020 and the new website we are working on will launch. As well as other promotions and marketing programs. 

So why do I love Shelby and her business? As I keep saying, it is about the connection and communication.  And for me, a total rethinking when it comes to health and fitness. Down 35 lbs and fitter than I probably ever have been. 


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Shelby Taylor Fitness Website 

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