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iShares ETFs

Quick look portfolio iShares_1.jpg

Cover English and French

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Cover and inside cover foldout

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Corp milestones image

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Interior text pages

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Website header with cover pre-production rendering 

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iShares Fund Guide

The iShares Fund Guide is a valuable resource for financial advisors. Last produced in 2016, it is still an often requested item even today.

iShares is a leading ETF provider with more than a decade of expertise and commitment to investors. iShares harnesses the insights and experience of BlackRock, trusted to manage more money for investors than any other firm in the world.

We work closely with the Toronto marketing 
team and their creative/marketing offices internationally; New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin and Sydney. 

This guide is made up of 168 pages and includes a foldout, a series of tabs and section dividers. It provides detailed information about every iShares fund available in Canada. 

As well as the book, the final package also contained a sales bio sheet for each region and a custom box for shipping. All components were printed by Tower Litho. We worked closely with them at every stage of production.


Worked closely with a U.K. firm to digitize the book and create an online flip page style version.


The guide and all components were created in both French and English.


Client: BlackRock Asset Management Canada

Services: Graphic design, data collection and organization, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Other guide covers from previous years:  

Here are covers of other guides produced for BlackRock/iShares Canada. All created with similar components and level of detail and complexity. The designs are based on the corp branding at the time of production. 


iShares cover 2015.jpg


iShares cover 2013.jpg


iShares cover 2014.jpg


iShares 2012.jpg


iShares cover 2011.jpg

The 2011 version consisted of a binder and box sleeve with a matte finish and high gloss fund tickers printed as the design. Black on black is very much a trend again. 

Mailer package (including die) and bio intro letter

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