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Brampton Mastermind

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Brampton Mastermind logo

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Brampton Mastermind stationery 

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Brampton Mastermind

Brampton Mastermind is a popular group that helps nurture and educate 
entrepreneurs. It is supported by the City of Brampton and the Entrepreneur Centre. It holds monthly events including a key note speaker and networking opportunities for local businesses.  

The objective was to create a brand that is bold, strong and reflects the large diverse culture found in Brampton. Also, to show
the great range of businesses located here. Regardless of our 
differences, we all fit together to form one.  

The stationery is used for more formal communication. With media and bigger business becoming interested in the group and it's events; a good way to look professional and stay connected. 

Being active in the community, a series of print projects were created; post cards, poster, flyers and banners. It's a way to promote the group and their events. There
is also a social media component. 

Also for each event, flyers, directional signs and name tags were produced. With no budget and all time donated, a lot of work. Well worth the effort. 

Client: Brampton Mastermind

Services: Graphic design, branding, marketing, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Event postcard, poster, flyer and banner

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Online media header

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