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Dynamic Funds

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Brochure cover

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Dynamic Hedge Funds Kit

Dynamic Funds was established as a small investment club in Montreal in 1957. Since then, it has evolved to become one of Canada's most recognized asset management firms. 

Hedge funds are an investment option for the sophisticated investor who understands the relationship between risk and reward.

The objective was to create a detailed package of information for this very specific group of investors. ​By working closely with key senior advisors, sales and marketing, we were able to create this kit that explained hedge investing and Dynamic's offering.

The brochure is 8 pages with an emboss in the top right of the cover and high gloss varnish on the word "Dynamic".  


The brochure was packaged along with detailed fund 1 pagers in a custom pocket folder. The brochure is a specific height so that the header and subject of the 1 pagers behind can be seen above the brochure in front. 


Client: Dynamic Funds 

Services: Graphic design, branding, data collection and organization, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Brochure text pages

Quick look Dynamic folder.jpg

Custom folder and die

Quick look Dynamic 1pg.jpg

Product 1 pagers

Port Dynamic Global brochure.jpg
Dynamic Global Investing

Dynamic Funds offers a wide variety of investment options. Here the focus is on global investing. 

We created a brochure that helps show the advantages of investing outside of Canada. ​The main idea is that diversification is important in a well balanced investment portfolio. 

There were also a series of more detailed 1 pagers created that focused on specific funds and sectors. The goal is to always help the client make the best decision possible by educating them on the options available. 

Client: Dynamic Funds 

Services: Graphic design, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Global Investing Brochure

Port Dynamic Global flyers.jpg

Global Investing Flyers

Port Dynamic Charity give.jpg
Dynamic Charitable Giving Brochure (concept)

Innovation is ​key, as is being able to respond to the needs of your client. In this case, being able to invest in a program that would help grow money meant for charity. 

Here is a concept created for a brochure and potentially other related information. Using the typical branding, we introduced more 
colour and a feeling of freshness and 
optimism. Thinking of others and the future is a very positive gesture. From small seeds, grow great trees. 

Client: Dynamic Funds 

Services: Graphic design, client/supplier contact

Charitable Giving Brochure (concept)

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