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Nicholl Paskell-Mede

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Gate fold brochure 

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Project icons

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London Calling Project

Nicholl Paskell-Mede joined forces with U.K. based firm Clyde & Co​. Their primary focus was insurance law.  Now can more fully advise businesses on worldwide commerce and trade. 

As part of their preparation to join Clyde & Co., we produced materials and event items that help introduce themselves ​to the staff and clients they would be working with after the merger. 

The merger was seen as a very positive step for the company and we were allowed to have a bit of fun with the imagery and language. 

The brochure indicates the key areas of practice, specialization and basic information about the company. 

3 iconic Canadian symbols were created and used on all introduction items and part of a London event. Invitations, posters and banners were also created. 

As a fun giveaway, the 3 icons were turned into buttons and worn by the Canadian staff and given to business contacts and guests (the blue and red moose was the most popular).


The brochure, invitation and buttons were produced in Canada. The posters and banners were created in the U.K. to save on shipping costs and reduce the risk of being damage while in transit.  

Client: Nicholl Paskell-Mede LLP

Services: Graphic design, client/supplier contact

Event invitation

Quick look NPM poster.jpg

Event poster and banner

Quick look NPM button.jpg

Event buttons created using the 3 icons

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