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iShares ETFs

Port iShares core DM_1.jpg

Water bottle promotion

Port iShares core DM_2.jpg

Box layout with die

Port iShares core DM_3.jpg
iShares Core Water Bottle Promotion

Quarterly, iShares creates ​a promotional item that is used to promote a specific group of funds. In this case, Core Funds. 

We provided direction on where the logo should be placed on the bottle and the size. By working with suppliers and Canada Post we designed a box that met all the mailing requirements and as economical as possible to ship (based on size and weight).

The design of the box flowed through all related items. The goal was to have people request more information. A Stay Connected postcard was placed in the box with the bottle. 

When information requests came in, the related brochures and 1 pagers were sent back to them in an envelope that matched the design of the box and postcard they received earlier. 

The box, postcard and envelope were created in both French and English.


Client: BlackRock Asset Management Canada

Services: Graphic design, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Stay Connected postcard

Port iShares core DM_4.jpg

Custom envelope

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