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Other Projects


Retail display headers

Stampede5 wood LR.jpg

Retail window background (for The Stampede)

Port Other spirit.jpg

Spirit Sister icon

Port Other Shawn.png

MisterSchmidt Online Invitation

Fruit Tshirts1.png

Produce t-shirts and shopping bag

Port Other War.jpg

2014/15 seasonal card and tags

Dave pottery.jpg

Smoke fired pottery

Retail Design

Here are just a very few examples of the numerous retail projects I have taken on. Sometimes you are given art and need to resize and rework for various retailers and their product fixtures. Often also making image edits and text edits. Always in English and in French. 

Other retail clients include Calvin Klein men's underwear and Canadian icon, LeChateau.

Clients: Warner Canada

Services: Graphic design

Retail Window Graphic
logo-en white.png

Huge retail 3 panel window background created for all LeChateau Alberta stores for the Calgary Stampede. Closely worked with the visual team and made sure the wood grain colour worked with the product in store.

Clients: LeChateau Canada

Services: Graphic design

Spirit Sisters Icon

An icon created for a series of events. The evenings will focus on women who would like to know more about whisky and related cocktails.

Client: Integrated Productions

Services: Graphic design

MisterSchmidt 50th Event

Invitation, posters and tent cards created for the birthday celebration of a nationally known visual director. Guests included, family, friends, staff, corp management, industry contacts and suppliers. 

Client: MisterSchmidt

Services: Graphic design

Ontario Produce T-shirts and shopping bags

Concepts based on a series of  local produce illustrations. Sold online and through local farmer's markets. Promoting "buy local" and the various friut and vegitables grown across Ontario.

Client: Thompson Design Communications

Services: Graphic design, illustration

Seasonal Card and Tags

Each holiday season, we try and come up with an idea that is not so "Christmas" focused. In this case, promoted the 200th anniversary of the end of The War of 1812. The Treaty of Ghent was signed Christmas Eve 1814. 

The red Militia Coatee was worn during the war by James Thompson (of Whirlpool Farm) and a direct relative. It is on display at the Niagara Falls Museum (as well as other Thomson/Thompson family artifacts). The jacket was conserved by The Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa and took over 430 hours. 

Client: Thompson Design Communications

Services: Graphic design

Smoke Fired Pottery

I started studying pottery in Vancouver in the 90s. Something that came quite easy for me and very much something I enjoy. The world disappears as you concentrate on the wheel and the clay in front of you. Life gets busy! Trying to make a plan to get back behind the wheel. 


These 3 pots were first bisque fired and then smoke/pit fired. Maybe not traditional, but filled a large steel barrel with various types of combustibles... paper, cardboard, grass clipping and pieces of wood. Stared the fire and hoped for the best. A very volatile process and the pots can explode due to the sudden heat. All but one survived and very pleased with the results. 


What did I learn?


Never be afraid to try something new. It could be anything from new technology to a time-tested craft. You never know unless you try. And never turn down an opportunity to learn.

Client: David Thompson

Services: Potter

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