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BlackRock Institutional Guide

Port iShares Inst_2.jpg

Binder interior layout

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Book of 4 tabs (8 used in total)

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BlackRock Institutional Guide

This guide was created for BlackRock Institutional investors. This particular project was chosen because of it's large scale and high level of complexity. 

As always, the cover was based on the branding at the time of production. The colours and graphic were used throughout for consistency. ​It included 8 tabs (2 books of 4 tabs each). Unlike the iShares Fund Guide, the information and data shown varied from section to section and page to page. By creating several detailed master pages we were able to ensure the layouts flowed through the entire guide.

We also created a cover letter that was shipped along with the guide. The layout coordinates with the guide design in place of the standard letterhead. 

The guide and all components were created in both French and English.


Client: BlackRock Asset Management Canada

Services: Graphic design, data collection and organization, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Other guide covers from previous years:  

Here are covers of other versions of this guide produced for BlackRock Canada. The designs are based on the corp branding at the time of production. 


Port iShares Inst cover1.jpg


Port iShares Inst cover2.jpg


Port iShares Inst cover3.jpg

Interior page layout samples

Port iShares Inst_5.jpg

BlackRock Institutional Guide letter

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