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Shannik Barrett

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Executor Protection Program Mailer and Ad

Shannik Barrett Preneed Solutions provides funeral homes easy access to the products, services and advice they need to compete in today's funeral market. 

Many mailer programs have been created and each customized to match the funeral homes branding. The goal is to create interest in other related services. Making it possible for the traditional funeral home business to diversify and offer their clients valuable information and options.  

This particular flyer is part of a program related to executor protection. Taking into consideration the age of the potential client, several contact options were given. Including a prepaid return envelope. 

The ad was created so could be used in local publications or in national magazines such as Zoomer and others who are directed at the senior market.   

Client: Shannik Barrett Preneed Solutions

Services: Graphic design, branding, client/supplier contact

Program flyer, reply card and envelope

Port Nunn Shannik mail2.jpg

Program ad template

Port Nunn Shannik mail3.jpg
Funeral Preplanning Mailer

Here we created a mailer that is directed to people who are interested in funeral preplanning. Also, an opportunity to introduce the other services available.   

Client: Shannik Barrett Preneed Solutions

Services: Graphic Design, client/supplier contact

Preplanning flyer with detachable reply card

Port Nunn Shannik logo.jpg

Funeral Planning Made Simple logo

Port Nunn Shannik stationary.jpg
Funeral Planning Made Simple Branding

Shannik Barrett Preneed Solutions has a team of highly skilled professionals who work will funeral home staff. They provide advice and training in the area of preplanning. 

The branding reflects their style and approach. A new fresh way of thinking and options for the funeral industry and their clients.  

Client: Shannik Barrett Preneed Solutions

Services: Graphic Design, client/supplier contact

Funeral Planning Made Simple stationery 

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