Who is Thom?

Well, Thom is more of an attitude and a feeling than a person. After 20 years in business, time to take a look at where we have been and heading in the future. A fresh way of thinking and being. Be BOLD, be COLOURFUL and embrace new ideas. Never stop learning and growing. 


And at the same time, building on past successes and time tested areas of knowledge. 

We do have a David!
More a Dave, really.

David Thompson, The Main Doer 


An honours graduate of Humber College’s
Packaging/ Graphics Design Program, David has
gone on to design and creative manage for a wide
variety of clients and industries. Always providing 
personal service and meticulous craftsmanship. 

More than just design, David takes business very
seriously. He has the ability to organize information
and put it into a context that is easily understood.
Logically making the complex simple. 


Relationship building and knowledge sharing are
also key to David. Always with thoughts of paying it forward; from the organization of a creative training program, to being a design instructor and acting
as a mentor for other entrepreneurs. 


When not working, you will find David
updating/restoring a classic 60s side-split,
searching through retro shops, at a jazz club
or in a tent in the bush. 

t:  416-738-8573

e: david@dthompsontdc.com

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