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Port iShares core cover.jpg

Core Brochure cover

Port iShares core icon.jpg

Core icon

Port iShares core spread.jpg

Brochure inside spread

Port iShares core 1pg.jpg
iShares Core Brochure

The Core group of ETF funds is an important part of iShares investment offering. ​By working closely with the Toronto marketing team we were able to develop an 8 page brochure that provides specific information about these ETFs and why clients should consider investing in them. 

To help ​with fund group identification we developed an icon that is used on all information related to Core ETFs. 

The brochure contains information that remains constant. A series of 1 pagers was created that contain more specific time-sensitive information on the Core group of ETFs and each individual fund. These can be updated quickly so that the most up-to-date data is always available. 

The brochure and 1 pagers were created in both French and English.


Client: BlackRock Asset Management Canada

Services: Graphic design, project coordination, client/supplier contact

Other brochure covers from previous years:  

Here are covers of other versions of this brochure produced for BlackRock/iShares Canada. The designs are based on the corp branding at the time of production. 


Port iShares core cover2016.jpg


Port iShares core cover2014.jpg

Core  Funds 1 pager

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