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Getting my hands dirty!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

There is nothing like just getting in there and working with a lump of clay.

I started studying pottery in Vancouver in the 90s. Something that came quite easy for me and very much something I enjoy. The world disappears as you concentrate on the wheel and the clay in front of you. Life gets busy! Trying to make a plan to get back behind the wheel.

The magic that comes from clay, water and fire.

These 3 pots were first bisque fired and then smoke/pit fired. Maybe not traditional, but filled a large steel barrel with various types of conbustables... paper, cardboard, grass clipping and peices of wood. Stared the fire and hoped for the best. A very volatile process and the pots can explode due to the sudden heat. All but one survived and very pleased with the results.

What did I learn?

Never be affraid to try something new. It could be anything from new technology to a time-tested craft. You never know unless you try. And never turn down an opportunity to learn.

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